TouchDesigner Intermediate Workshop: shaders, optimization & interaction

In this intensive 12 hour intermediate workshop over one weekend, participants will start playing with different types of shaders (pixel, vertex, and, to a lesser extent, geometry) in order to understand and use several techniques, will learn how to optimize their work and will acquire the necessary skills for working with Kinect depth data. TouchDesigner is internationally known as a tool of choice when producing high level interactive visual experiences.

Workshop objectives & course content

  • Learn to configure a developer environment ;
  • Learn how to use pixel shaders : general principles, GLSL, texture and samplers, generative design, blend modes, fractals, simulation, and more ;
  • Learn how to use vertex shaders : tessellation, rasterization, applied mathematics for 3D, 3D reflections/refractions, texture baking, instancing, and more ;
  • Use mathematics ;
  • Discover geometry shaders and how they can be used for visualizing Kinect point cloud data in 3D ;
  • Learn how to implement a Game of Life project using pixel shaders ;
  • Learn how to create a generative landscape with vertex shaders ;
  • Learn how to record and playback Kinect data and change the visuals of point cloud data ;
  • Get a preview of advanced TouchDesigner tools and particularities.
Experience level