What`s new in TouchDesigner 2022 and other Hot news For Beginners

After some time of silence, LichtPfad strikes back with the free webinar and some announcements.

Currently, we have a lot of good news.

  • After a long development Derivative is finally announced the new 2022 release of TouchDesigner. We researching its possibilities already for a while and now we want to break through the new features and show some examples explaining why it's so great update.
  • We going also to announce our collaboration with the New Media Art community which will bring a new dimension to our educational platform.
  • The last topic is the detailed presentation of the reworked version of the Hou2Touch online educational program.

It's a 10.5 Month-long curated learning course oriented for new media artists and developers, motion designers, and AV performers who want to kick start their productive and creative level by integrating procedural thinking into artistic and working practice and increase their productivity using Houdini to TouchDesigner pipeline.


Participation is free with limited capacity.

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