This workshop is aimed at individuals with no prior experience and is designed to introduce them to the world of generative graphics and audiovisual formats. Over the course of a four-hour workshop, participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and technical skills necessary to create their own live audiovisual projects using TouchDesigner. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have the ability to analyze live audio inputs and apply this data creatively to develop visual systems suitable for various applications, such as performances, VJing, or Live Coding. 

The workshop is part of Weltformatthe annual graphic design festival with international graphic artists, a competition for newcomers and panel discussions.


Paulina Zybinska is a creative technologist with a rich background in coding, interactive installations, and VJing. She currently works as a research associate at ZHdK, where she teaches and investigates the growing impact of Machine Learning on synthesizing alternative realities. Paulina curates and organizes "Live Code Space" events, creating a dynamic platform for artists and tech enthusiasts to collaborate on live-coded, audiovisual performances. Furthermore, she gives TouchDesigner workshops, empowering participants to create interactive and real-time multimedia content.



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