Visual Stage with TouchDesigner For Beginners

“Visual Stage Workshop” is targeted to musicians, VJ, show technicians, digital and multimedia artists and who wants to explore all the opportunities offered by technology to improve performances.Generative graphics and image/video processing in real time are very powerful tools and they can offer new ways to express a new language to merge with traditional arts.We use the multimedia software called TouchDesigner (available both for Windows and iOS) that allows to work through a user- friendly interface, even without be programmers.TouchDesigner is one of the most flexible software in the multimedia field and it can work with different kind of screens, projectors, lasers, servos, lights, MIDI controllers and instruments, movement sensors and so on.

It is addressed to:Musicians, DJ, VJ, show technicians, multimedia artists

Requested skills:Basic computer knowledge, you don’t need to be a programmer.

What it is about:

We will make an overview on the visual arts, on the state of the art and on the methodologies and creative possibilities in the world of interactive installations and 

videomapping, in particular on show and performance field.We will learn the basic principles of the software and the fundamental operations to use it.Together we will build an example of an animated graphic projection responsive to music and animated on the movements of an actor’s body.We will  integrate our work with the one developed in the Augmented Stage course.

Experience level