TouchDesigner Workshop - Show Creation and Control For Intermediate

This intermediate workshop will focus a full day on TouchDesigner workflows for creating and managing a show system and its assets in TouchDesigner. Markus Heckmann and Ben Voigt from Derivative will be your instructors for the workshop.

Intermediate level assumes you understand how to use all the node families, how to navigate the interface, and how to make connections between operators and parameters. The agenda will move fast and deal with many non-beginner topics, it is recommended for those who have used TouchDesigner 1 year or more. If there are any topics in the TouchDesigner Fundamentals Course you are not familiar with, it is recommended you study them before the workshop.

Space is limited so please reserve your spot as soon as possible.


Saturday, February 24 · 10am - 5pm EST


Topics (subject to change)

  • Preparing scenes for show integration
  • Creating generative scenes
  • Managing video assets
  • Outputting to audio devices
  • Using SceneChanger tool to build a show playback system
  • Optimization and control techniques


This workshop is hands-on and students are required to bring:

  • Windows laptop with Nvidia or AMD GPU, or MacBook 2015 or newer (System Requirements - contact organizer if unsure)
  • TouchDesigner 2023 is required - Download Here. Please confirm you can run TouchDesigner 2023 before signing up for the workshop.
  • Mouse with 2-buttons and scroll wheel is required

If you have any questions please contact us.

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