TouchDesigner with Nikzad Arabshahi For Beginners & Intermediate

Date: 17th July 2021 17:00 UTC+2 

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TouchDesigner is one of the most powerful node-based visual programming languages. It's been used by artists, programmers, creative coders, software designers, and performers to create real-time audiovisual performances, light installations, architectural projections, projection mapping, and fixed media works.

Throughout the course of three sessions, we will explore the basic concepts of generative visual creation and learn how to set up a project in TouchDesigner. The aim is to explore diverse modern technologies, art practices, and materials that encourage participants to discover their own creative solutions and develop novel projects.Anyone of any skill level and all suggestions and questions are highly welcomed.

Second Session

Building an interactive network with real-time rendered 3d scene Introduction to 3d scene in TouchDesigner (procedural geometry modeling, camera movements, environment lights, PBR materials, and high-level rendering set up).

Guest Artist || Nikzad Arabshahi 

Nikzad Arabshahi is a Den Haag-based interdisciplinary artist, working in the fields of painting, generative art, and new media. He is currently studying at the Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.

Designing custom-made tools and generating visuals based on algorithms and creative coding, Nikzad focuses on creating and developing immersive multimedia environments, visual installations, and audiovisual performances. He often collaborates with musicians, theatre directors, dancers, and scientists in order to grasp a better understanding of interdisciplinary arts.

BLUEPRINT is a workshop-like series that shares targeted educational content, providing insight into the practices of artists from different disciplines. Aimed at young artists, BLUEPRINT stimulates knowledge exchange and creates a non-hierarchical space for the dissemination of knowledge, ultimately supporting the further development of collaborative and interconnected art communities.
The series encourages the establishment of healthy online communities that unite people in their creativity by presenting a program that is representative of various artistic approaches. Providing the young participating artists with adequate context and tools, the program of BLUEPRINT includes the presentation of thought-provoking artistic projects that aim to stimulate the participants’ creativity, while expanding their skill-set.
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