TouchDesigner meetup / Dome Projections

Experiencing 360 degree projections is quite a unique experience, in particular as the audience gets to share it. That sense of watching together is a key difference with VR headsets.

Chances are, if you've been in a dome projection, that you remember it vividly. The immersion is like no other. More commercial projects explore 360 projections now, such as the Van Gogh Expo, which revisits the painter's work in a fully immersive setup.

In this meetup, Bileam Tschepe is inviting artists to share their experiences designing dome projections with TouchDesigner. Learn more from their approach, the technical setup and the overall dynamics of these unique projects, made bespoke to a venue.

Find also more with the 101 course from the Interactive & Immersive HQ, and download a template project from the TouchDesigner website.

The meetup will be recorded and published shortly after to our YouTube channel. Watch back all previous meetups presentations here

Time of meetup: Saturday 10th December 4pm UK, 5pm Berlin, 8am LA, 11am NYC


- Daniel Shambo 

- Jules Roze

- Jenn Deafenbaugh