TouchDesigner for live performance For Beginners & Intermediate

In this evening workshop – held in English - media artist Stefan Kraus will introduce participants to the powerful visual development platform and present best practices for its use it in live media performances and helps you to take the next steps after you been to one of Stefans free introductions or have been playing with TouchDesigner all by yourself.

The course consist of hands-on exercises, enabling participants to work on their own performances and provides useful links and prebuilt networks for further exploration at home.

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. How to create interactive and audioreactive 2/3D animations
  2. How to build custom interfaces
  3. How to perform your AV creations through MIDI and OSC
  4. How to output your creations to screens, projectors and files

Skill Level : Beginners

This class embraces participants of all genders, sexes and orientations who have little experience with (visual) programming and want to learn more about it. We think creative coding should be fun for everyone!

Requirements : Laptop with a 3-button mouse
The latest release of TouchDesigner099 [Experimental] installed

Participants are welcome to bring their own MIDI devices

Experience level