TouchDesigner Dome Workshop at Mutek AE For Intermediate

In this two-part workshop organized in collaboration with MUTEK AE, participants will explore different approaches to creating content for full-dome environments using the tools available in TouchDesigner. In addition to learning how to set up 3D renders to feed real-time content to a dome system, we will also look at compositing techniques and previsualization strategies that are important when preparing work for this type of immersive space.

While the first part will focus on understanding the technical requirements, working in a previsualization system and preparing a show, the second part will give participants the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test.


Participants are expected to understand how to use all node families, navigate the interface, and make connections between operators and parameters. The agenda is fast-paced covers many non-beginner topics, and is recommended for those who have been using TouchDesigner for 1 year or more. If there are any topics in the TouchDesigner Fundamentals Course that you are not familiar with, it is recommended that you study them before the workshop.

This is a hands-on workshop and students are required to bring the following

  • Windows laptop with Nvidia or AMD GPU, or MacBook 2015 or newer (System Requirements - contact the instructor if unsure)

  • TouchDesigner 2023 is required - Download here. Please confirm that you can run TouchDesigner 2023 before registering for the workshop.

  • 2-button mouse with scroll wheel required

  • optional: controllers that can be used with TouchDesigner

Important Note: Spaces are limited and your registration for the workshop will only be confirmed once payment is received.

Workshop Host

Markus Heckmann studied media technology at the TU Ilmenau and the Bauhaus University Weimar before he started his work as Technical Director at Derivative in 2006.

In his artistic work, he combines the aesthetics of generative computer graphics with the physical properties of light. For his performances, Markus uses Derivative's TouchDesigner to develop new visual instruments, which allow him to perform live improvised with the music. The visual worlds created in this way are far removed from any representation but bring the medium itself to dream. Colors, shapes and movements draw imaginary spaces that he explores and documents with virtuosity. The work of art is created in the same moment in which it is viewed.

Experience level