Before this workshop, many designers in China, especially motion or graphic designers, expressed their desire to design real-time physical text graphics. That's where this workshop comes in! 

To meet this demand, I'll be introducing the Bullet API in TouchDesigner to create interactive physical typography. The workshop will be conducted online and available in Chinese initially. However, I've noticed a growing interest from overseas individuals, so I've decided to translate the entire recording and post it on Patreon to make it accessible to every creator in the TouchDesigner community!





     - Introduction to applying physics for interactivity

     - Bulletsolver framework in TouchDesigner

     - Understanding how bullet and actor work

     - Basic simulation of freely falling bodies

        Some ShowCase



     - Instancing actors

     - Example of multi-collision bodyies

     - Introduction to  Force COMP

     - Basic interactive collision simulation


     - Creating more interactive collisions

     - Introduction to Bullet Solver CHOP

     - Introduction to vector and attractors simulation


     - Introduction to bouncing and friction simulation

     - Introduction to constraint COMP for point to point constraints

     - Exploring body to body in Constraint (eg. chain)


     - Introduction to Constraint COMP for hinge constraints

     - Designing and developing multiple doors and a bridge 

     - Introduction Python callback in BulletSolver

     - Collision detecion in BulletSovler



  1. Latest TouchDesigner Version - 2024.11600.
  2. Compacity both of Window and Mac.



  1. These videos weren't released until I had translated them. (maybe the mid of April)
  2. Even though the workshop is recorded, it still provides technique Q&A in Discord.
  3. in this session,I only teach simulation for rigid body, instead of fluid and sofe bodies.
  4. if you created nice works please credit my workshop to support me in constantly share knowledge with you!
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