TouchDesigner 203: Building own geometry Tools For Beginners & Intermediate

Licht.Pfad announces an intensive class for the Artists who want to deeply understand Geometrical pipeline of TouchDesigner and build the Custom Toolset using the Script SOP.
We do a very short teoretical part and bunch of practical topics.
All participants will get the full understanding how the SOPs are working from inside and will own a library of tools for modeling operations as well as good understanding of the Python scripting.


  • Workshop will be held Online.
  • 1 day before the event you will receive the Streaming link and invitation to the chatroom.
  • Next day after the session, you will get the Video-recordings and the project files.

We have 2 Lessons:

  • 22 of September from 7 till 11 PM on CEST
  • 24 of September from 7 till 11 PM on CEST


Programm (will be Updated):




  • Uncovering SOP
  • Important SOP Tools
  • Basics of the Python scripting
  • What is missing in TouchDesigner

Practical Part:

Writing the SOP Tool Box:

  • Add Centroids
  • Working with Custom Parameters in Script OPs
  • Extrude Centroids
  • Optimizing Pipeline - Custom Functions
  • Extrude Vertices
  • PolyExtrude Tool


  • Installing Python Modules
  • Measuring Polygon Area
  • Scatter Tool
  • Attribute Transfer Tool
  • Delaunay Triangulation
  • OpenCV



Experience level