RGBdog presents: Volumetric Interviews EP 01 with Thorwald from record label bitbird For Beginners & Intermediate

RGBdog presents: Volumetric Interviews introduces creatives based in The Netherlands working at the intersection of music, visual arts, and technology, who are focused on developing supportive communities all over the world.
Seeking to push the boundaries of the disciplines of photography, design, and autonomous arts, Volumetric Interviews resorts to a combination of traditional filmmaking and volumetric image capturing techniques! With this experimentation, the series invites the audience to the virtual world where the story takes place.
The first interviewee is Thorwald van den Akker, a co-founder & chief creative officer at The Hague-based, independent record label bitbird. Coming from Zoetermeer with his good friend and musician San Holo, they started building a supportive on/offline community where people gather with a passion for music.
The next interviewees are all Netherlands-based creatives, and they will be released every quarter.
Premiere with Touchdesigner Workshop
13th October Wednesday 20:30 CET on RGBdogTV
With an educational workshop from our technologist Leo Scarin on how to make volumetric captures and import them into software like Touchdesigner and Unity.
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