Rest in Peace – Working with Web APIs in TouchDesigner For Intermediate

There can be no doubt that the internet is the most important medium of our days. Learn how to use data from Web APIs in your interactive installations or performances. 

Wieland Hilker will guide you through the process of content acquisition from open Web APIs. Once you understood the basics, you can integrate social media posts, weather data or tweets  in your TouchDesigner projects. This workshop will explain basic concepts that help you to move on by yourself, not just simple recipes that work for only one website.

How does it work?

With your ticket, you will get the access codes for a closed Zoom meeting, in which Wieland will guide you through his Rest in Peace – Web API course. The course with more than one hour worth of video tutorials, tips and tricks will be available for you online after the webinar.If you miss the webinar – don’t worry, the course will be open on here ever after.

The webinar will be held in Englisch.

Experience level