Real Lights: TouchDesigner + GrandMA Online Course For Beginners & Intermediate

Intensive 3 Days workshop about light programming and design using profits of both GrandMa and TouchDesigner

We have 3 Online Sessions and Chat room. After the session videorecordings and Project files will be uploaded for the students.


Day 1:

  • A general introduction to working with light.
  • An overview of the different light fixtures, their features, and control systems.
  • Lighting control protocols and standards.
  • Pros and cons of TouchDesigner and MA Lighting’s control systems. Several powerful reasons why you need to use them both right now.
  • A bit more about the general logic of MA Lightning.
  • The first run of MA onPC: Denial, Anger,Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.
  • Patching fixtures in MA. The use of Lighting fixture Library.
  • How to run your 1000-fixture set, How to deal with touring etc
  • The way to control: Parameter counting in MA and DMX channels in TD.


Day 2:

  • Peculiarities of construction and operation of the system.
  • Previews, presets, sequences, cues, effects, control panels, cuelists, fixture properties and more.
  • Networking in MA. Network addresses in MA onPC and Lighting desks.
  • How (and when) to connect up to 15 consoles in one network?
  • Master and Backup systems. Sessions, permissions, worlds.
  • Setting up a Loopback adapter and Connecting MA onPC to MA3D.
  • Patching the test scene with 100+ fixtures. Import of 3D models to MA.
  • Exporting tables and coordinates of the fixtures from MA into TouchDesigner to create a pixel mapping engine.
  • Setting up incoming and outgoing data streams, using ArtNet Inputs.

Day 3:

  • Additional opportunities to expand the functionality of MA, using TouchDesigner and Ableton:
  • Advanced MIDI control. Configuring MIDI and DMX Remote inputs to connect to external control devices.
  • OSC integration.
  • The use of Ableton as an external timeline with MIDI notes and envelopes.
  • Two techniques for tracking moving heads with TouchDesigner and MA.
  • Light Control and Pixel Mapping
  • Optimization and acceleration. Two approaches: for working with complex devices and for working with simple arrays of RGB pixels.
  • Baking up the Laser and DMX Data
  • Controlling GrandMa from TD
  • Pan-tilt calculation based on 3D coordinates
  • Creation fast and dynamic DMX mapping in TouchDesigner
  • Creating Laser Graphics in TouchDesigner
  • Understanding of Laser mechanics - or how avoid the scanner burning


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