"Procedural pipeline for CG Artist" For Beginners & Intermediate

A combination of Houdini and TouchDesigner is an amazing way to boost both productivity and creativity

in any field of postproduction, motion design or interactive real-time graphics.


An artist-friendly visual programming environment and procedural pipeline can handle a wide range of tasks and are much easier to use than one might expect.

An upcoming webinar will be held by Stanislav Glazov, a Media Artist with 23 years of experience, who has been teaching TouchDesigner since 2014 as well as Houdini since 2007 under the title: Proceduralism for artists fast and simply explained.


  • Introduction. 
  • Free lesson. Intro to TouchDesigner and Houdini with 3 practical examples.
  • Project cases
  • Q&A
  • The Super-Idea behind our Courses. Professions and learning paths.


2021.08.05 - 7-9 PM CET

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