Pointclouds and Instancing: Creating artworks with TOPs in TouchDesigner For Beginners & Intermediate

This workshop aims to teach users the question of “why does this happen?” when we connect certain TOP nodes in touchdesigner. Learn how to manipulate point clouds to generate your own shapes in both 2D and 3D, create particle systems, and generate interesting artworks from the ground up.

No experience needed, just need a laptop with a dedicated gpu.

This class will be taught by ANJUJUSUN aka Andrew Sun. Andrew is a self-taught visual artist who uses Touchdesigner to bridge the gap between mathematics and art.His visuals strive to be an exploration of nature, science, and anything else he finds cool in life through mathematical functions and algorithms. Through this representation, he hopes to educate, inspire, and encourage those who love STEM to explore the arts, and vice-versa.

Experience level