Practicing Media Artist will presents their work. 
Artificial neural networks invaded our life and occupied nearly every area with a great success. The pace of the corresponding news and changes becomes overwhelming every now and then. The most notable revolution happened recently [and keeps happening right now] with the arrival of multimodal foundation models, which have radically changed the landscape and the whole paradigm of AI/ML exploration. Instead of separate instruments for certain tasks we got the versatile know-it-all models, applicable to the widest task ranges out of the box. The new kind of tools, which we acquire now, have both pushed tremendous creativity power to everybody, and therefore dramatically raised requirements to the professional artists. 
This talk will guide you through the advances in the visual AI/ML art, illustrated with the personal projects and artworks — from the old-school niche tricks to the ultramodern and widely spread methods. 

We will also discuss the possibilities to provide a class on the learning practical visual AI/ML applications.


Vadim Epstein


Media artist, director, educator, VJ; former IT consultant and casual theoretical physicist. Has worked in various fields such as, science art, and avant-garde club events since 1996, eventually having focused on the visual media.
As an artist and curator, had made visuals for hundreds of concerts, festivals, parties, and commercial events. The artworks have been exhibited worldwide in Montreal, Vancouver, Stuttgart, Paris, Basel, Lille, Glasgow, at New Tretyakov gallery; highlighted on the conferences NeurIPS 2020 / 2021, CVPR 2021; sold as NFT collections, etc. Personal style tends towards bold recognizable aesthetics, combining generative practice with figurative imagery, with high impact native to the post-industrial cultures.
The founder and creative director of in[visible] studio since 2009. Besides commercial and personal projects, has delivered numerous talks, workshops, and training courses.
Current focus is on AI/ML, new media art, and creative coding in general.