Online Workshop: Build the VJ TOOL in TouchDesigner For Beginners & Intermediate

Licht.Pfad announces a new TouchDesigner workshop for VJ’s and visual artists.

This full VJ workshop aims to guide you to enter the live video field and give you the theoretical and technical tools to develop your own live visual project with TouchDesigner.

During the course you will learn to create VJ system with the auto-mixing function, that can play original content for more than 12 hours in standalone mode.

The workshop is for beginners as well as intermediate and video-artists that want to improve their skills, experiment new tools and develop VJ software with easy to use interface in TouchDesigner environment.

We will cover the approach to make the vj system working completely standalone as an installation as well as the Interactive VJ tool with User Interface.

We will also include the introduction to the TouchDesigner concept to VJs with Resolume experience.

Course  trailer 


  • Workshop will be held Online.

  • 1 day before the event you will receive the Streaming link and invitation to the chatroom.
  • Next day after the session, you will get the Video-recordings and the project files.

We have 3 Lessons:

25. 26, 27 of February from 7 till 11 PM on German time.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • TouchDesigner workflow and UI
  • Principles of Modular architecture and reusable assets
  • Building CHOP Logic
  • Sound Analysis
  • Datamanagement in TouchDesigner
  • UI Widgets
  • Basics of Python Scripting and Expressions
  • Workflow with Replicator COMP
  • Basics of GLSL Shaders
  • Integration between TouchDesigner and Resolume

After Workshop every student will receive the practical tool he can use in his work


  1. System architecture of the VJ System
  2. Audio Analysis tool, router, clock dividers
  3. Main event timer, changing the mood during the day/night time
  4. Building the movie bin. Drag n Drop of Videos.
  5. Optimizing the cueing of video using Adobe Premiere and EDL/XML cut list.
  6. Building the effect presets.
  7. Importing Shaders from Shadertoy and Optimize their usage Using the FX template
  8. Building the video mixer
  9. Building the generative effect player/Library
  10. Building the control center and scheduling the scenario,
  11. Building the realtime Videomapping effects
  12. Building the contol UI
  13. Appendum. Integrating Resolume as a content player / Video Output using SPOUT/ OSC
Small showreel of our AutoVJ machine, filmed last week in Tresor Berlin:



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