Notch and TouchDesigner 01 / English For Beginners & Intermediate

INTUS presents an online workshop designed for beginners and intermediates focused on learning the fundamentals and achieving theoretical-practical knowledge in the integration of Notch and TouchDesigner. In this session you will learn to make a PHOTOBOOTH with Notch IMAG´s integrated into a system programmed in TouchDesigner.

Thursday August 27

11:00 - 13: 00 CST / 12:00 - 14:00 EST

$999 Prices are Mexican Pesos (MXN) / 45 US Dollar (USD)

You will receive a link to the webinar and project files with your invoice.

Workshop in English.


In this introductory workshop for the integration of Notch and TouchDesigner we will create a nice UI with buttons and sliders that will control and change scenes of different IMAG with real time post effects and video post-processes generated from Notch.

With the purchase of the workshop you will receive the files of the projects and unlimited access to the video streaming.



1. Introduction to the Notch environment

  • IMAG´s creation with real time video processes

  • Video in source and video loader

  • Adding post effects and post-processes

  • Composite Sorces

  • Particles systems and image emitters for IMAG creation

  • Optical Flow

  • Exposed parameters

  • Compile Notch Block


2. Integration with TouchDesigner

  • Notch Top

  • Video device in Top and Video Loader exposed parameters

  • Custom parameters

  • Switch between Notch layers inside TD with buttons

  • Controlling exposed parameters with sliders

  • Saving image stills

  • Window placement for two monitors



  • Laptop Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer or Apple macOS 10.11 or newer. While Intel Graphics (HD4000 or newer) can be used, we recommend a more discrete graphics interface, such as NVIDIA GeForce 600 or AMD HD 7000 or newer

  • Make sure all your drivers are up to date

  • You will need a three button mouse (or a two button mouse with a clickable scroll)

  • Latest version of Notch & TouchDesigner installed

  • TouchDesigner Pro, Commercial or Educational License to run Notch Blocks

  • Notch Pro License to save and compile blocks. If you are using the trial version we will share the notch blocks so that you can integrate into TouchDesigner.

Experience level