NKB Workshop 001 // Featuring SOYUN PARK, the founder of a studio RGBdog For Beginners & Intermediate

Never Knows Better and Creative Code Art are featuring our first workshop with Soyun Park, the founder of a studio RGBdog.

Time: August 15th 3PM-4PM // Duration: 30 minutes

About the artist:

Soyun Park is a media artists and designer from South Korea, based in The Hague, The Netherlands. She’s also the founder of a studio RGBdog.

Growing up in Seoul, South Korea where technological development is being readily intertwined with lives every moment, she found the need explore her position in the digital realm. Often in collaboration with sound artists, her work takes forms of videos, installations, audio performances, experimenting with a variety of new media and technology, investigating connection and the gap between the RGB world and reality which is getting thinner every day.

RGBdog is a video, installation, interactive production studio actively pushing the limits of the involvement of technology in sound visualization.

Check out SoyunPark’s work at and, the founder of a studio

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