Media Server in TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner is not only the perfect tool for generative graphics and FX mastering. it is also a super-powerful environment for programming and user experience creation. and very often modern projects contain tasks that require out-of-the-box thinking and ready-made solutions are not enough.

In this case, we can develop a custom solution fully fitted to the task.

That was the case how the media server discussed during the workshop was developed. I got the assignment to make a Theater media-server with functionality not only controlling the video-content playback but also the streaming/mixing from the live cameras to the projection mapping to the Scenery, including Light control and streaming of the post-processed and color corrected mixed video signal to the internet server.

During the solving of this task, I developed the approach allowing the rapid building of complex applications based on simple modules.

On Tuesday we plan to make a free online class that will be streamed using the same system.