LED Pixel Light Art: from Concept to Exhibition For Beginners & Intermediate

Learn how to combine cheap, durable Addressable LEDs and dynamic, realtime pattern generation with reused found objects and artistic process!


Expand your capabilities as an artist and learn how to incorporate animated LEDs into your artworks. We will give you everything you need (hardware, software, and training) to create a dynamic piece of mixed-media / sculptural "light art" - including the chance to exhibit your finished piece in a group show at a public art gallery.

This three part workshop will guide you through the process of designing and creating a piece of dynamic light art. Your piece will take the form of a low-res "screen" made out of 100 individually addressable LEDs diffused by some translucent materials.

We will cover the context and history behind this art form, help you develop the concept for your artwork, and then implement it. You will learn about hardware and software necessary to complete this project.

At the end of the workshop, everyone who takes part will get the "gallery exhibiting experience" when we all work together to put up and host a one-day group gallery show for actual public viewing.

This workshop will cover numerous aspects such as:


Concept Development

  • Artistic ideation
  • Refinement and iteration
  • Materials consideration


Technical Implementation

  • Hardware selection and purchasing
  • Basic electrical low voltage wiring
  • Addressable LED usage and operation
  • MicroControllers and LED drivers

Generating Dynamic Visual Patterns

  • TouchDesigner and other visuals software
  • On-controller patterns and programming
  • Interplay between digital and physical art


Preparing For and Participating in a Group Exhibition

  • Planning and packing your art
  • Interaction with galleries and curators
  • Setting up and properly displaying your art
  • Mixing and mingling - talking about (and selling?) your art
  • Cleaning up and clearing out of the venue
Experience level