LED Pixel Art: From Concept to Exhibition - Nashville, TN For Beginners & Intermediate

Expand your capabilities as an artist and learn how to incorporate animated LEDs into your artworks. We will give you everything you need (hardware, software, and training) to create a dynamic piece of mixed-media / sculptural "light art" - including the chance to exhibit your finished piece in a group show at a public art gallery.

This three part workshop will guide you through the process of designing and creating a piece of dynamic light art. Your piece will take the form of a low-res "screen" made out of 100 individually addressable LEDs diffused by some translucent materials.

We will cover the context and history behind this art form, help you develop the concept for your artwork, and then implement it. You will learn about hardware and software necessary to complete this project.

(We are working wtih local galleries and would like to make this viewable as part of Kindling Arts Festival the following weekend., or possibly showing the work at Coop.)

July 6th - Online session

July 13 and 14th - in Person at Coop Gallery


Experience level