Introduction to Generative Visuals For Beginners

Training Type: Hands-on workshop

Language: Turkish-English

Focus: This workshop will introduce participants to TouchDesigner to create interactive visuals. 

The participants will learn the interface of the software, explore the different tools, how to use video, image, and 3D geometry, how to use mathematics, various practical exercises, and the integration of interactive control interfaces with projects.


Laptop with a 3-button mouse
The latest release of TouchDesigner099 installed:

Objective and Contents: 

Learning the user interface;

  • Recognition of operator family (TOP, CHOP, SOP, DAT, COMP);
  • Use of video, visual and 3D geometry;
  • Use of mathematical operations;
  • How to integrate interactive control interfaces such as Kinect, Leap Motion (hand recognition sensor) or other types of controllers;
  • Using OSC, MIDI to connect external control interfaces with other software;
  • Creating examples with the use of software;
  • Exercises and small projects and art installation.
Experience level