Intro to TouchDesigner For Beginners

Learn how to create your own real-time art systems with TouchDesigner, an industry-leading visual programming environment for designers!
Taught by Pete Thornbury
Available both online and in-person in LightHouse's Los Angeles studio at the Brewery Artist Lofts.
Are you interested in learning how to make real-time, interactive, experiential Tech Art for live events and installations? This workshop will give you the fundamental skills you need to get started building projects in TouchDesigner.
No prior experience is necessary.
In this class we will:
  • Learn what TouchDesigner is and how it’s used across various industries
  • Create various procedurally generated graphics with TOPs and CHOPs
  • Set up your first 3D Rendering System with SOPs and MATs
  • Build a basic VJ/Video tool that switches between the graphics you have created
Experience level