Intro to TouchDesigner Workshop (Orlando) For Beginners

This 3 hour 'Intro To TouchDesigner' Workshop will introduce you to one of the most popular and versatile softwares used for creating real-time interactive experiences, audio-reactive visualizations, immersive visuals for full dome, and much more...



  • Introduction to TouchDesigner and project examples
  • Navigating the TouchDesigner interface
  • Working with TOPs (Image and Video)
  • Working with SOPs (3D geometry)
  • Working with CHOPs (generated and input data from devices)
  • Working with DAT’s
  • Putting It All Together (real-time interactive/responsive scenes)
  • Instancing
  • Audio Analysis and working with sound
  • Creating Real-Time Audio Reactive Visuals
  • Ouput for Projection and Performance

Synthestruct (Ginger Leigh) is an interactive and audiovisual experience designer who has been working with TouchDesigner to create interactive experiences and full dome performances around the world with the Mi.Mu gloves, Muse EEG headset, Leap Motion, Kinect, and has taught workshops on visualizing sound, coding for generative visuals, and interactive design.

This beginner-level workshop will get you started with the essentials of working with TouchDesigner to begin your own projects, with an in-depth look at the interface, how to set up a project, workflow, and several step-by-step examples that you can build upon.

*Seats for this workshop are limited*


Tickets: $35

Duration: 3 Hours

Recommended For: Anyone who is interested in getting started with creating visuals for music, live performance, full dome, or other projects, using TouchDesigner.



  • A recent computer with the latest official TouchDesigner 099 installed and keyed (more information on installation and licenses here). If your computer is older please inquire if it will be appropriate for the workshop content.
  • A 2-button mouse with scroll wheel), or 3 button mouse.
  • Please consult the System Requirements to make sure your computer is capable of running TouchDesigner 099.
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