Intro to RayTK For Beginners & Intermediate

Does the idea of writing shaders intrigue you, but the process make your head spin? RayTK is a node-based tool that can make the process easier and dare we say a lot more fun.
RayMarching is a different way of approaching 3D rendering that eschews traditional geometry and instead defines everything with raw math! "Signed Distance Functions" represent a novel new way of thinking about space, and provide for many otherwise impossible scenes and effects.
RayTK is a library of components that act as a separate rendering system that uses raymarching and shaders instead of traditional TouchDesigner rendering. It supports things like infinitely repeating geometry, fractals, reflections and more.
Comprised of standard TouchDesigner components, RayTK operators can be wired together like traditional TouchDesigner operators to define complex shaders without writing any code. It can be incorporated into your existing workflows to create unique scenes with all the standard techniques that you're used to using in TouchDesigner like animation, midi mapping, and so on.
You will walk out knowing the fundamentals of RayMarching and having just enough RayTK knowledge to get lost in your own multi-dimensional creations without ever having to leave the comfort of the TouchDesigner node-based editor
Prior experience working with TouchDesigner IS required. The LightHouse offers an Intro to TouchDesigner class on the 14th, which would be enough to get you started.
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