Interactive installations with TouchDesigner for China Academy of Arts For Beginners

A course for the students of the China Academy of Arts, School od Design and Innovation, during the Playshop trimester.
The course aims at giving the students a general understanding of the interactive installation art world, and of the state ofthe arts in terms of real-time technologies. Both software and hardware solutions will be analyzed, with a plethora of examples and case-studies.
All of this while trying to involve the spectators to become integrating parts of the art pieces, thanks to the different interactions mediums that well learn to manage and implement.
The students will try to create some full functioning interactive audio-visual pieces to display at the final exhibition, targeting different themes identified by the different groups in the class.
The coding part will take place in TouchDesigner, a graphic node-based software that is quickly becoming the industry standard for this kind of applications. In its simplicity and intuitiveness, TouchDesigner allows the already skilled as well as the software novices to createelaborate results, even without previous coding experience.


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