Interactive Installations - Introduction to Touchdesigner (Czech) For Beginners


This workshop is an introduction to the creation of interactive installations and generative art using Touchdesigner software. This software allows you to create real-time 3D and 2D animations that respond to physical movement or music, control lighting systems, or create video mapping installations. Touchdesigner also allows you to control the generated video images using various sensors that monitor the movement of dancers such as Kinect, Lidar, create images through midi notes or control DMX lights and lasers. We will do introduction to all Touchdesigner operators and create visuals combining them together, learn how to build interfaces and more.  
The cours will be in Czech language, if there would be big interest we could switch to english. 

About the instructor Ati Sphere:
Ati Sphere is a digital artist and art director focused on creating interactive installations and video mapping productions. For the last 10 years, together with other visual artists, he has been creating video mapping installations that can be seen throughout Europe, where with the help of projector light, static architecture is transformed into a living play of light and shapes. With his group Cirque Garuda, he creates performances that combine interactive projections with dance, acrobatics and experimental juggling in the form of the New Circus. He also collaborates on film studios to create special effects, using the procedural 3D software Houdini.


Experience level