Interaction with Arduino & TouchDesigner For Beginners & Intermediate

Create immersive interactive experiences. Combine Arduino with TouchDesigner, a powerful node based programming environment with endless possibilities for interactive installation, marketing activations, generative art, multimedia performance, and more! In this course you will learn very basic electronics, introductory Arduino skills, and the fundamental concepts of interaction using sensors and inputs to control video in TouchDesigner.


Arduino is a microcontroller that allows you to control electronic components and input data from sensors, buttons, switches, and output data to things like lights, motors and more! It's also software that allows you to change the code on the board. In our workshop, we will minimize Arduino coding and use it within the TouchDesigner environment.


*** Pricing excluding kit, components to be purchased separately – see kit list in requirements section  ***


By the end of this workshop series you will be able to:

  • Create Arduino based electronic prototypes

  • Control video in TouchDesigner with sensors and your own custom hardware interfaces

  • Utilize TouchDesigner to map software interactions to physical electronic systems

  • Apply interaction design concepts for developing installations and brand activations


Series Study Topics

  • TouchDesigner to control Digital and PWM output

  • Switches and Digital inputs mapped to states in TouchDesigner

  • Analog sensors, smoothing data and creating meaningful interactions

  • Strengths, weaknesses and limitations of hardware and software.



Kyle Duffield (he/him) is a Toronto based Interactive Experience Design Professional who creates immersive interactive installations and brand activations. He is also known for his affiliation with the studio space Electric Perfume. His decade-plus expertise spans audio, video, creative coding, electronics, and interaction design with the intent of bringing play and multisensory spectacle to public spaces. As an Educator, he has facilitated interactive media courses and workshops with various institutions, galleries, and universities across Canada, Shanghai, the UK, and online. Currently, Duffield is focusing on creating unforgettable technological experiences.


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