How to create an Interactive Installation in 4 Hours For Beginners & Intermediate

In this masterclass, we will implement a full-fledged project to create an interactive installation.

We will explore the pipeline involving StableDiffusion, Houdini, TouchDesigner and Bitwig or Ableton.


Masterclass Program

  1. Create a stained glass sketch using Stable Diffusion in Houdini through MLOPs.
  2. Use TouchDesigner to process the sketch, creating a high contrast mask and image for tracing.
  3. Trace images and create a high-resolution 3D model in Houdini.
  4. Set up rendering and compositing in TouchDesigner.
  5. Develop an interactive camera control using face tracking.
  6. Generate multitouch data and send MIDI notes to Bitwig for sound production.


Prompt Challenge

We will announce the terms of participation later. Get inspired to take part in the challenge with the masterclass
5 winners will receive access to the TouchDesigner Extreme and Houdini Extreme courses.
Experience level