Houdini to TouchDesigner Terrain Pipeline For Intermediate

Last summer, I received from Joachim Spieth the offer to produce a music video for his album "Terrain". 
Hearing the first track, I immediately imagined the visual concept: Meditative Camera flight-through Virtual landscapes,  Different cartographic elements reacting to the sound frequencies.The structure of the track gave me an idea to produce around 20 of different landscape versions.


Music Video which is a basis of this course:


In order to optimize production time, I decided to dive into Task Context in Houdini and use PDG Network to automate the creation process.

In this course, I go into detail about this production and share a comprehensive hands-on experience with several topics:

  1. Creating procedural landscapes in Houdini
  2. Creating geometric features (isolines and gradient lines )
  3. Exporting terrains with OpenEXR into TouchDesigner
  4. Creating a custom deformation shader in TD for loading terrain data
  5. Automatic creation of different versions of assets with PDG
  6. Creation of a reactive animation with look and sound reactive animation in TouchDesigner




The Target of this workshops is:

  1. To give you an overview of Houdini to TouchDesigner Workflow
  2. To explain the Practical case of usage of the Terrain Tools in Houdini
  3. To make a practical explanation of the power of Procedural Dependancy Graph for automatisaion of production
  4. To improve your VEX and GLSL knowlege
  5. To show how to make photorealistic realtime Rendering in TouchDesigner

Workshop oriented for Motion Designers  and CGI Artists, who want to: 

  • extend their workflow with Deep understanding Houdini to TouchDesigner workflow 
  • increase the production speed using Houdini PDG Tools and TouchDesigner Realtime PBR Rendering and Compositing


Experience level