HOU2TOUCH ONLINE COURSE - SPRING Edition For Beginners & Intermediate

The ultimate guide to the procedural mentality for the real-time interactive production


Houdini and TouchDesigner


are complementary programs for solving a wide spectrum of creative tasks for 3D graphics, motion design, performance art, and interactive installations.
Both programs are based on the same node engine and share the procedural approach, a variety of data formats, and UI concept.


What Makes this Course Unique:

  • Academic approach.
  • You will learn how to find solutions yourself.
  • You will deeply understand the data flow and hidden logic of Houdini and Touchdeisgner.

  • We teach the way of thinking instead of just going through the particular topics.

It's a first course in the market combining different programs with a continuous comparison of pros and cons of solving different production tasks in each of them.

  • Extremely fast diving in practical work

  • We teach to think out of the box and to find our own ways to solve the problems

  • Academic approach with an in-depth look into the procedural paradigm

  • Parallel learning of TD and Houdini researching pros and contras of choosing the workflow in the frame of the practical task





You will learn how to:


  1. Understand the visual and code-based programming
  2. Use the Node-based workflow,
  3. Understand data types inside Houdini & TouchDesigner

  4. Exchange geometric and animation data and output the final results in Houdini & TouchDesigner

  5. Make real-time compositing and color grading, postprocessing fx, and produce generative textures

  6. Visualize sound and synchronize animation with sound

  7. Animate using procedural and keyframe animation and program the interactive logic

  8. Create procedural geometry and complex generative systems

  9. Setup rendering in Houdini using Mantra, Karma, and Redshift

  10. Do dynamic simulations and growth effects

  11. Setup real-time rendering using TouchDesigner

  12. Integrate sensors and external programs to TouchDesigner

  13. Create your own asset library

  14. Build custom UI and manage a content playback

  15. Exchange data between Houdini/TouchDesigner and Unreal


You will be able to create after the course:


  • Generative abstract textures

  • Procedural 3D animations and Motion Graphics

  • Performance UI and Logic of the media server

  • Data-driven motion design systems

  • Interactive Applications

  • AV Shows


Course Format:


  • The course is prerecorded and includes around 150 video lessons.
  • All lessons are structured in 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Each level contains 3 blocks of modules.
  • Each module contains 3 lessons with one project.
  • After the 3rd module, you will have a week to finish the assignments and a webinar with Q&A.
  • After every level, you will have an additional week to finish the assignments and relax.
  • For communication, during the course, we have a chat with the tutor, course
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