Hou2touch 2.0: 6 months online course / Houdini + TouchDesigner For Beginners & Intermediate

The ultimate guide to the procedural mentality Intense Course of combining the power of Derivative TouchDesigner and SideFX Houdini


Learn a concept, workflow, and tools for procedural graphic and interactivity during the 6-th Month intense course

Understanding proceduralism is a key to generative modeling and animation and while it’s opening abstract thinking abilities, it opens you the way to creating generative art.


Course begins: 15 September 2021
Price: 1200€+ 19%VAT.  800€ till 1st of August

During the course you learn to:

  1. Use of the node-based workflow, and data-types inside Houdini & TouchDesigner
  2. Exchange geometric and animation data between programs, and output the final results in Houdini & TouchDesigner
  3. Make real-time compositing and color grading, postprocessing effects, and produce generative textures
  4. Animate using procedural and keyframe animation and to program the interactive logic
  5. Visualize sound and synchronize animation with sound
  6. Create procedural geometry and complex generative systems
  7. Setup rendering in Houdini and TouchDesigner
  8. Integrate sensors and external programs to TouchDesigner
  9. Create your own asset library with UI and manage a content playback

Course Format:

  • 52 hours of pre-recorded video lessons
  • Prerecorded and structured video-lessons with a table of content and project files
  • We do the homework assignment after every new course topic
  • Every 2 weeks we do the interactive online calls with Q&A
  • You are always on connect with the group and the tutor in the chat room


Course teaser 1:






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