Free Introduction to Creative Coding For Beginners

The Node Institute offers a series of free introductory workshops in Berlin, to give you an idea what can be achieved with the visual programming environment.

What happens in the workshop?

In this 2.5 hour introduction Stefan Kraus will help you to take your first steps in this powerful software and open your eyes for the potential to dig deeper. It is recommended that you bring a laptop computer with the latest (free) version of TouchDesigner installed.

Who is this for?

Everybody who is interested in using new technologies for art and design. Curious minds who just want to get an idea how todays media art is being made. Designers who don't want to write code but still work with interactive media. Users of Jitter, Quarz Composer, VVVV, Houdini, Isadora and Notch who want to peek into the neighbours gardens...


Always before the Touchdesigner Rountable Berlin Meetings.

Thursday Oktober 24th, 16-18.30 pm



Laptop with a 3-button mouse
The latest release of TouchDesigner099 installed

Register for free by sending an email to Stefan:

Experience level