"Fragment Shadow" Technical Talk & Workshop / Supported by TDSW For Intermediate

This is a technical explanation talk and workshop on the multi-projection system "Fragment Shadow".
TDSW (Tokyo Developer's Study Weekend) is Digital Creative Community based in Tokyo.
This is the collaboration workshop with GinzaSonyPark program "ParkCollege".
You can watch this online Live Workshop on Youtube callel bellow.


・Fragment Shadow Technology

The Fragment Shadow system consists of multiple projectors that project onto the sameprojection surface. With geometry, color and uniformity calibration, multiple projectors outputdifferent physically calculated individual images onto the same surface to display onesynthesized image.

When human bodies or objects enter the projection space, the occlusion of one projectorreveals images from other projectors. Then Fragment Shadow enables generating variousvisual expression in the optical shadow, not just like usual black shadow.

 Shunichi Kasahara  (Sony CSL)

Ryo Higa  (BACKSPACE Productions Inc.) 



3/14 Sat. / 17:00-20:00 JST / (3/14 8:00-11:00 UTC)


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