Dreamscapes in Digital 2.0, Touchdesigner & Ai in Architecture For Beginners & Intermediate

Sculpting Ai Visions in 3D with Touchdesigner

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Workshop Overview:

This stand-alone workshop explores the exciting fusion of AI and TouchDesigner to generate initial concepts with AI and transform them into 3D representations for immersive exploration within TouchDesigner.

Workshop Breakdown:

• Intro: AI in Architecture, TouchDesigner overview, Workshop goals.

• AI for Concepts: Use AI models (Midjourney) to generate visuals based on text descriptions.

• TouchDesigner Basics: Interface & workflow, importing images, 3D shapes & transformations.

• Image to 3D Representation: Understand Height Maps & 3D creation.

• Animation Fundamentals: Simple animation techniques in TouchDesigner.

• Bring Your Concept to Life: Create a simple animation sequence.

• Wrap-up & Q&A


Learning Outcomes:

• Understand AI's potential for architectural concepts

• Generate initial design ideas using AI models

• Navigate TouchDesigner's basic functionalities

• Transform AI-generated images into simple 3D representations and scenes

• Apply basic animation techniques to create an animated architectural concept

• Gain an appreciation for how AI & TouchDesigner work together in architecture


Software Requirements:

• OS: Windows 10 (64-bit) or macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later (recommended)

• Processor: Recent Intel Core i7 or better (recommended)

• GPU: Windows: Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050/AMD Radeon RX 570 or better (recommended)

• Mac: Recent Mac with dedicated AMD graphics card (recommended)

• RAM: 16 GB or more (highly recommended)

• Date: July 27th 2024

• Time: 11 AM to 4 PM UK Time

• Duration: 5 Hours (Including a 20 min break)

•Target Audience: Beginner to Intermediate /Architects/Artists (Preferred basic Touchdesigner experience but not mandatory)

• Location: ZOOM hosted by Studio Chantal Matar Ltd.

• Format: Online

• Studio Capacity Limited to 20 Seats

• Registration: 125.00 GBP

• Level: Beginners to Intermediates

• Studio: Studio Chantal Matar Ltd.

• Tutor: Chantal Matar 


Software TouchDesigner

Midjourney Account:

Runway Account:


The session link will be sent within 24 hours of registration confirmation.

The session will be recorded and distributed the following working day.

Registration is non-refundable.



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