Create Music Visuals with TouchDesigner / Fundamentals – LIVE Session For Beginners

This workshop is an introduction to the series “Create Music Visuals with TouchDesigner – Going Further”. You will be guided through TouchDesigner environment, learn how to create 3D scenes and control visual parameters with sound, discuss audio-visual art with your peers and, of course, make visuals! It's a live session over Zoom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss some names in the history of audio-visual art and ideas that inspired the field

  • Understand fundamentals of 3D rendering in TD

  • Create basic geometric shapes, light and texture them

  • Create audio-reactive visual progression that switches between camera views

Study Topics

  • Ideas and key figures in the history of audio-visual art

  • 3D rendering set up

  • Simple 2D compositing

  • Triggering actions and controlling parameters with CHOPs

Experience level