AV using TouchDesigner Ableton Live and Modular Synths For Beginners & Intermediate

Online Workshop

3 days online Workshop oriented to Musicians who want to extend their experience and creative possibilities to produce well synchronized Audio-Visual Performances as well as for the Visual Artists who want to add the sound part to their work.

60% Visuals Topics + 40% Music Topics based on experience of producing AV performances with Ableton and Modular Synthesizers as well as producing UI Environment for synchronizing visuals with incoming audio signal

We have 3 Online Sessions and Chat room. After the session videorecordings and Project files will be uploaded for the students.



Approaches for creating Live AV Performance:

  • Using TD for Visuals with another Musician
  • Using TD for Visuals for you own AV Live with Ableton / Synths
  • Using TD with Ableton for AV Installations
  • Animation vs Generative

Hardware/Software Setup:

  • MIDI vs OSC
  • TDAbleton, LiveGrabber
  • Virtual Sound Cards, ASIO4ALL
  • DC and AC Coupled Sound Cards
  • Setup windows and OSX computer to send midi data over ethernet and localhost
  • Basic of Modulars - Sound and CV - CHOP
  • Output CHOP to CV

Intro to Modular Synths

  • Oscillators, Filters, VCA
  • Synchronisation
  • LFO, Envelope Generators, Sequencers, Clock Dividers
  • Arturia BeatStep Pro
  • Oscilloscope in TD
  • Complex Oscillators
  • Effect Modules
  • How to collect your Modular
  • How to Play Live with Modular

TouchDesigner as Visual Tool

  • TD Ableton for control Touch From Ableton
  • MIDI for Control Touch From Ableton
  • Max4Live Devices to Send Data between Ableton and TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner Setup for Live Performance

SCENARIO: TD as Generative Tool for ABLETON

  • Structure of AV project for your own AV performance
  • Structure of UI for AV performance with another Musician
  • Easy Control your videos using EDL
  • Modular Setup Principle: Sound Analysis and Routing
  • Optimisation
  • Map Clip play from TD
  • Map Ableton parameters from TD
  • Ableton as Timeline Tool for TD

TouchDesigner as a Tool for Music

  • TD as a Sound Generation tool
  • TD as a Control Data Tool
  • Presets for Modular Synth in TouchDesigner
  • Building CV Utilities in TouchDesigner
  • Recording MIDI and CV Data


Experience level