Aurelian Ionus – Do it in TOPs - SS23 -04 For Intermediate

April 26th 2023 6-9 PM (CET) / In English Language / Online via Zoom

GLSL shaders are at the basis of many exciting effects we admire on the internet and most of TouchDesigner is based on them. But do we need to write text based code to achieve those effects, when we actually enjoy patching nodes together much more?

Aurelian Ionus has asked himself the same question and found an answer that has changed the way many users think about texture operators in TouchDesigner forever. Following the simple mantra: Do it in TOPs, he leverages methods that are common to GLSL, but manages to use these – mostly mathematical approaches – exclusively by wiring up existing operators.

Learn how to store point positions in textures, create beautiful effects and stunning particle systems by doing mathematical operations in textures. Understand the power of UV coordinates and use Perlin noise to make the impossible happen right on your GPU without writing a single line of code.

In this module however, Aurelian will explain how he translates programming techniques from other realms into the world of TOP operators and give you the conceptual tools to implement this approach into your own projects.

After the live lesson you will get access to the recording and the workshop files for one year.


This module is made for participants, who have a basic understanding of TouchDesigner, but do not need any experience with shader languages. If you just getting started, please visit our Beginners Course first.

  • A recent PC or MAC Computer (discreet GPU recommended) with stable internet connection
  • The latest build of TouchDesigner installed
  • Zoom Client installed (please test your audio setup beforehand)
  • 3-Button Mouse recommended

About the Instructor

Aurelian Ionus is a computer engineer from Sibiu, Romania. There was a time when he has been afraid of programming, so he chose to work in graphic design, identity, web, and 3D. It wasn’t until 10 years ago that he did his first steps in Processing and started to like the idea of creating with algorithms. Yet still the ‘line of code’ didn’t seem appealing to him. Everything changed when he first discovered Touchdesigner five years ago. Aurelian became addicted in a short time and set himself the goal to become good at it. At the same time, the idea of doing tutorials and sharing something with the community arose. Five years later, he is nothing short of a legend in the community for pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with TOPS (Texture Operators). Avoiding GLSL, but taking inspiration from the underlying concepts, he has and is blowing everybody’s mind following his mantra: “Do it in TOPS”. His tutorials have become a great inspiration to the community and he keeps researching and publishing new techniques on his YouTube and Patreon channels under the alias Paketa12.


Student – One Sessions a 50 EURProfessional – One Sessions a 100 EURCompany – One Sessions a 250 EUR

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