AudioVisual Production with Bitwig and TouchDesigner For Beginners & Intermediate

This course explores the fusion of music and visuals through the combined use of Bitwig Studio and TouchDesigner. Students will learn how to create synchronized audiovisual performances, interactive installations, and immersive experiences, with a stronger emphasis on Bitwig Studio techniques.


Week 1: Intro to AudioVisual Production.

Understanding the relationship between music and visuals.

1.1.Bitwig Studio FundamentalsBitwig Studio interface and workflow.

Working with MIDI and audioIntroduction to virtual instruments and effects.

1.2.Introduction to TouchDesignerUI and Node Workflow.

Contexts and Data Types.

Paramter control with CHOPs

Week 2: Intermediate Techniques

2.1. Exploring Bitwig's modulation system.

Nested Devices and Remote Controls

Creative audio processing and sound design.

2.2. TouchDesigner Intermediate Techniques

Working with Compositing and 2D Effects

Content Playback

Introduction to generative visuals.

Week 3: Synchronizing Bitwig and TouchDesigner

3.1. MIDI setup between Bitwig and TouchDesigner.

Controlling visuals with music parameters.

Creating responsive audiovisual performances.

3.2. Audio Reactive VisualsTDBitwig

Using audio analysis in TouchDesigner.

Creating reactive visuals driven by music.

Week 4: Advanced Techniques

4.1. Bitwig Studio Advanced Techniques

Advanced MIDI/Audio

Events manipulation and expression in Bitwig.

Inroduction to Grids.Routing.

Using Hardware Instruments

4.2. TouchDesigner Visual Effects and Filters

Implementing visual effects in TouchDesigner.

Using shaders for advanced visual manipulation..

Week 5: Interactive Installation

5.1. Introduction to interactive installations.

Working with sensors and controllers for interactivity.

Building a complete interactive audiovisual installation.

Week 6: Audiovisual Performance

6.1. Building AV Setup in Bitwig

Approaches for Synchronizing Visuals

6.2.Final Projects and Presentations

Students showcase their final audiovisual projects emphasizing Bitwig techniques.

Critique and feedback sessions.


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