3D LED Pixel Array - Los Angeles For Beginners & Intermediate

Volumetric / 3D LED pixel arrays are mesmerizing to watch and interact with. However, there aren't many commercially produced solutions for this type of display, and they can be quite expensive even to make on your own. This two-day in person workshop introduces a "path of least resistance" solution to building a low cost 3D Pixel Array from readily available hardware and easy fabrication methods most people should have access to. It also teaches how to map and create content for it using the RayTK raymarching tool in TouchDesigner. 

Please have TouchDesigner installed prior to class. This class is friendly for beginners, but you should do at least a basic tutorial or online intro to become familiar with the interface prior to class. You should be comfortable connecting nodes, know what operators are, understand what parameters are, and have a sense of how to navigate about the interface, etc.

Something like this one :):

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