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Thermal effects are common in almost all vfx systems and video servers. They’re fun and easy to use and can turn even boring content into something interesting by creating the illusion of thermal camera / heat scan.

Thermal Effect in TouchDesigner

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Company Post false   "We relied heavily on TouchDesigner after an initial test period in Leavsden Studios in the fall of 2010, and developed a very flexible and powerful realtime pipeline to drive some of the major aspects of shooting the film.

Gravity: TouchDesigner Works in Zero-G

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Company Post

We were recently taken by surprise by something rather out of the ordinary that challenged our most liberal interpretation of what can be categorized as ‘real’ and certainly as ‘real-time’. The projected image seemed not to be sitting on the surface of the object but rather to be embedded into it.

What WHITE KANGA is building with TOUCHDESIGNER to alter our sense of REALITY