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As the years pass and newer and newer gear comes out, we often have to re-evaluate what we’re using in our installations. Depth sensors are a prime example. The amount of companies that have entered and exited the depth sensors market in the last few years is wild.

Depth Sensors in 2021

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 Easy Swipe Detection in TouchDesigner.jpg

The average person now expects to be able to use complex interactions with just about any touch screen. Unfortunately it can be a painful process to build all of these gestures yourself. Luckily there is an easy way we can detect swipe gestures in TouchDesigner using Slope CHOPs and Logic CHOPs!

Easy Swipe Detection in TouchDesigner

 Datamoshing in TouchDesigner Part 3.jpg
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We’ve been getting deeper and deeper into the build of our datamoshing component in TouchDesigner. We’re finally digging into GLSL code and porting over the individual examples from our reference material, and by the end of this post, we’ll have a working shader starting to come together!

Datamoshing in TouchDesigner – Part #3

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Gallery     Hey guys! Some friends and I recently made a LED light installation for our graduation degree at Gobelins, a French art school in Paris. ORCHA-103 is an interactive musical and visual installation that invites its visitors to play the role of a conductor.

ORCHA-103 | Interactive musical and visual installation