1 – April 12th 2023 6-9 PM (CET) / In English Language / Online via Zoom2 – April 19th 2023 6-9 PM (CET) / In English Language / Online via Zoom GLSL shaders have changed the course of computer history and they unleash not only the raw power of your GPU but also the beauty of mathematics – at your

Apr 12/th

VanTa – Introduction to GLSL Shaders 1+2 - SS23 – 02+03

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This post announces the release of LygiaTD. A native port of Ligya Shader Library. Another one? I know... keep reading for the differences. Kudos to the original developers both Patricio Gonzalez Vivo for the original source and LEITHBA for the original LYGIA FOR TOUCHDESGINER library.

Lygia-TD Release v1.0.0

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Tired of searching for the same functions over and over? or to port and reimplementing them between platforms and shader languages? LYGIA is shader library of reusable functions that can be include easily on your projects. Lygia was created by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo.

Lygia for TouchDesginer