gateCHOPComp takes a chop input and passes it to only one of n outputs, similar to what an inverse SwitchCHOP would do.   Inputs: - Input 0 -> the value to pass - Input 1 .->  the value passed to closed outputs, "off value"  if you want (defaults to 0 if not specified)

gateCHOPComp - Max/Msp gate emulator

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I am addicted to make as close and intimate connections between visuals and audio as I possibly can... The core of what I am always trying to create with TouchDesigner is an interactive audiovisual system which I can perform with, and in which there is a deep two-way connection between visuals and s

Benjamin Heim on Forging Intimate Connections Between Sound & Visuals

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Inspired by a philosophical concept and evolving from a hand-made structure to a full dome immersive performance featured on the Apple 30th birthday TV spot, Dromos is the fruit of a unique creative process. Here is the story.

Exploring Possibilities for Speed and Immersion in Spherical Space with Maotik