My first contribution to the community: a GLSL-based CRT TV simulator! I was looking to render a closeup of a realistic looking old CRT TV and ended up making a simple fragment shader to render the RGB LEDs in an accurate pixel array.

CRT TV Filter!

Community Post

This post announces the release of LygiaTD. A native port of Ligya Shader Library. Another one? I know... keep reading for the differences. Kudos to the original developers both Patricio Gonzalez Vivo for the original source and LEITHBA for the original LYGIA FOR TOUCHDESGINER library.

Lygia-TD Release v1.0.0

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We released our Getting Started with GLSL on TouchDesigner season 1 on YouTube and just added English subtitles on all episodes of them! Our main objective to make this tutorial series is to provide first step for GLSL for beginners.

Getting Started with GLSL on TouchDesigner