In this two-part workshop organized in collaboration with MUTEK AE, participants will explore different approaches to creating content for full-dome environments using the tools available in TouchDesigner.

May 4/th

TouchDesigner Dome Workshop at Mutek AE


INSIDE DOME is a playback video for dome, you can choose the degree of your dome (0° to 360°) and let’s create an azimuthal equidistant projection uv map. This appplication is usefull for fulldome theater, planetarium and any immersive dome-based video projection environnement.


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"Like I was staring into space in a cave that was also a cathedral of light whilst in a submarine" - Audience comment Image credits Paul Mobray Visual artist / designer Jonny Knox and audio composer / performer Darien Britto premiered 'Remote Sense', a realtime fulldome performance at Glasgow Scien

Lidar Scanning in the Fulldome: Remote Sense

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The inaugural Panorama Festival was held this summer proclaiming itself as a "modern-day World's Fair of music, art, culture and technology, showcasing future-forward creativity beyond the confines of the average music festival experience." Headliners included music stars Kendrick Lamar, Arcade Fir

Infinity, Hyper Thread & Origins | The Lab at Panorama NYC

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Inspired by a philosophical concept and evolving from a hand-made structure to a full dome immersive performance featured on the Apple 30th birthday TV spot, Dromos is the fruit of a unique creative process. Here is the story.

Exploring Possibilities for Speed and Immersion in Spherical Space with Maotik