Community Post     Human AutomatArt at the Aberdeen's Music Hall The Human AutomatArt project was originally due in May 2019 for the Look Again Festival, co-commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts and New Media Scotland‘s Alt/w Fund with investment from Creative Scotland

Human AutomatArt


EVENING CLASS II - BEGINNERS In this evening workshop – held in English - media artist Stefan Kraus will introduce participants to the powerful visual development platform and present best practices for its use to visualise data structures.

Oct 15/th

TouchDesigner for data visualisation

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The inaugural Panorama Festival was held this summer proclaiming itself as a "modern-day World's Fair of music, art, culture and technology, showcasing future-forward creativity beyond the confines of the average music festival experience." Headliners included music stars Kendrick Lamar, Arcade Fir

Infinity, Hyper Thread & Origins | The Lab at Panorama NYC