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Derivative offers a Pro Support Program to those with a Pro License. Our team is available to help you with any programming, production, or consulting needs you have. Use our years of experience to make your life easier.

Pro Support benefits

Priority support for bugs, we will fix the bug ASAP if there is solution available.

Production assistance, consulting and support.

Adding new features, SDKs, libraries, and protocols to TouchDesigner.

Maintain customized builds for your projects.

Response within 24hrs, during business hours.

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To get Pro Support, purchase a TouchDesigner Pro license which includes an initial 6 hours of support time.

Additional support hours can be purchased in the store after using up the first 6.

General Support

TouchDesigner Support


For questions and answers about TouchDesigner visit our forum.


Encountered a Bug? Please submit it to our bug forum.


Do I need to buy a license to use TouchDesigner?
There are a number of different licenses available for TouchDesigner, you can read about the differences here Licensing. If you are using TouchDesigner for non-commercial and personal purposes (you are not getting paid for your work with TouchDesigner), then you can use TouchDesigner Non-Commercial at no charge. All paying projects require purchase of a Commercial or Pro licenses.
What computer specs do I need to run TouchDesigner?
See System Requirements for details. 
How do I create a key for TouchDesigner?
Refer to the help for the Key Manager Dialog.
How do I create a new key if my computer had a failure or was lost or stolen?
If this occurs please contact us at and provide your username and license ID. Your license ID can be found in MY LICENSES under MY ACCOUNT.
TouchDesigner crashes on start or displays blank interface on start.
This most likely means your graphics drivers need to be updated. TouchDesigner uses many recent features of GPUs and as such requires up-to-date graphics drivers. Download the latest from Nvidia, AMD, or Intel depending on the GPU in your computer.